Release Notes: Slag's GameControl
Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Slagsoft All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for using Slag's GameControl. This file contains general information on updates and bug fixes per version. I welcome your input, criticism and ideas. Please provide your comments or drop them in my irc channel #slag on Visit the official site.

Special thanks to:

Iridium for development of the plug-in that provides direct access into the Unreal audio and texture files. This is a key feature of GameControl.
[Ci]TyeFang from on3media ( for design and development of the skin graphics. He also provided the new layout design and all the hover states of the command buttons. This new skin makes GameControl much more intuitive and appealing than ever before :)
[Ci]Loibisch for his keen insight, support and last minute finds. Loib helped make the quality of GC better than it would have been otherwise.
[Ci]Duo and Ne0_M0nk3Y for their insight and contribution to the content of GameControl as well as many long, arduous debugging sessions.
[Ci]cryco, [Ci]raZe, [Ci]TyeFang, [Ci]Young[Bitch], [Ci]Stosh, [Ci]ArXcis (DusT), [Ci]Octavius, and [Ci]Kashll for all the debugging sessions and supporting me by hanging in #slag and our TS2/GameControl channel. I would have gone even crazier without their sanity.
[Ci]pHunKY - the new bug catcher ;)

Version Notes:

v2.0.1 (September 1, 2004) 
Fixed issue causing Check for Updates to to disable the Update button under some wrong conditions
Fixed bug causing a lockup when clicking on Weapons. This was caused by INI's with CrosshairScale > 2. Thanks to Loib and pHunKY for finding this and helping with debugging :)

v2.0.0 (August 30, 2004) 
Added Clear (all) button to Cache Converter to allow the user to totally clear their cache in the case of version mismatches.
Added logic to disable the Start Voice menu items for voice applications that were not installed.
Added sorting function to Player list on Network/Favorites CP. You can now click the header of a column to sort ascending/descending based on the data in that column.
Fixed bug causing Command List to not load at times.
Updated Default Model list to include all models available from patch 3204.
Fixed bug causing Alias names to be cut off. This was caused when the Alias definition didn't have double-quotes (") surrounding the Alias name.

v1.9.48 (August 12, 2004) 
GC2 is now ready for public release \o/
Fixed bug on Interface/Keyboard Binds causing error 438 "Object doesn't support this property or method" when entering bind text prior to selecting a key
Fixed bug causing UMOD/ZIP Installer to not install multiple files in a ZIP
Fixed layout of usercontrol that was causing the Connection text box size to not be the same size as the Connection combo box
Changed font on popup menu's to match the font used in the skin
GC2 will no longer reload the command list during Activate event unless a change has actually been made
Added a repair function for gamecontrol.lst in case it ever gets messed up
Made hover buttons more visual
Aligned Popup menu's to their header bottom left
Widened audio list on Audio Player so sound names were no longer cut off by the list
Changed the word "Tools" to "Navigation" above the navigate buttons and changed the "Options" popup menu to "Tools"

v1.9.47 (July 28, 2004) 
Added buttons to Netowrk/Favorites CP allowing user to review and copy server settings and mutators
Fixed bug causing Demo Player launch to fail
Fixed bug causing: "Error (387) 'visible' property can't be set on this control - Global(LoadFavoritesList)" Thanks to Ken for finding this :)

v1.9.1 - v1.9.46 (July 18, 2004) 
Yes, you read it correctly, 42 releases during the Alpha/Beta process :P
Many, many bug fixes and enhancements. This list is just a small representation of the several hundred changes over the last two months.
New Audio Player/Exporter system allows user to tap into the Unreal audio and export all sounds to WAV file
New Texture Viewer/Exporter system allows user to tap into the Unreal textures and export them to JPG's
GC now allows the user to edit their profile INI's directly, then senses the changes and allows the user to roll the changes back into their other profiles
Check for Updates has been enhanced to be faster and ask less questions. It also reloads GC for the user after an update is completed
Enhanced Favorites Manager provides grids to make it easier to see who is playing on your favorite server as well as edit, add and delete servers from the list.
Added international support to handle differences in numeric formats. (E.g. French Cananda uses comma's intead of decimal points)
Replaced all Popup menu's with a new graphical system
Widened Sound names on Audio Player so the weren't cut off by the list
GC now allows user to use DNS entries for IP addresses in the Favorites List - automatic resolution under the hood
Fixed bugs with Cache converter: Multiselect wasn't working. Now I disable all controls on the CC panel during convert to keep whacky things from happening.
Disabled crosshair selection panel until user actually selects a weapon
Force default model requires the user to use the skin they select. GC now switches their skin automatically and puts a disclaimer on the screen to let them know it is being changed.
When unchecking the Force Default Model checkbox, set the Player skin back to the original skin so they aren't stuck on the Default Model they were looking at
Process Killer - added a "Kill on startup" checkbox
Options/Preferences - provided a checkbox to start GC when Windows starts up
GC now asks user if they want to save changes before opening INI's directly
INI Editor: Got rid of the numeric stuff in the File Section list to make it easier to read
Fixed various bugs with the UMOD/ZIP Installer. Added all new file types including UZ2 as valid install types.
Set minimize to Systray to False so peeps aren't confused by default
Added "Profile" over the profile list on the INI Change Detection window
removed "Save Text" button from the INI Change Detection window
Changed hover buttons to only activate on left mouse click
Changed SniperRifle to Lightening Gun on the Weapons list

v1.9.0 (May 26, 2004) 
Won Make Something Unreal Contest - 2nd place in the Tools category! \o/
Ported all existing controls from GCv1.4.1 to GC2 (UT2004 version)
Added new controls for High beacon trajectory, enhanced details for Texture and Character, Dynamic Mesh LOD, Weather Effects, Fog Distance, Speech recognition, Show VoIP Portraits and Landing Viewshake
Added new panel for Text to Speech and Voice Chat
Integrated the Weapon preference and Custom crosshairs into one panel
Removed or modified existing controls that were no longer applicable for UT2004
First release of GC2 for alpha testing :)

Future Enhancements:
Add tooltips for all controls
Default/Reset Values back to standard game defaults (fresh install values)